How to Nail Your Next Phone Interview

After you’ve spent hours polishing your resume and contacting potential references, the next critical step you’ll likely face in the hiring process is the phone interview.

Hiring executives and recruiters often use the phone interview as an important step in the screening process.  In particular, they use phone interviews to give them a sense of your personality and ability to express yourself clearly.  That means you will be wise to prepare in advance to “ace” this portion of the hiring process.

Successful Phone Interviews Happen When You Are Prepared 

Once you begin a formal job search process, be ready for a phone call at any time.  Employers consider phone interviews a cost-effective way to gain initial insights into the skills and abilities of job candidates.  Following those interviews, they then decide whom they want to invite for in-person interviews.  With that thought in mind, here are suggestions to consider if you have applied for a new job.

Make the Most of Phone Interviews By Taking These Simple Steps 

First impressions start the moment you answer your phone personally or when the potential employer first hears your voice on your pre-recorded greeting.  Therefore, be sure that your voice or messaging is professional.

Whether a call is expected or unexpected, be prepared to address specifics regarding your ability to fill the job in question.  If you have applied for several positions at a variety of companies, keep accurate notes regarding the opportunities you have sought.  Depending on your preferences, these notes could be on paper, on notecards, or on an app on your phone.  As the call progresses, write down key points regarding the conversation and be sure to get the specific email or contact phone number for the person who is interviewing you. Employers always appreciate talking to well-organized applicants, and they appreciate the courtesy.  A follow-up e-mail or letter from applicants is always appreciated and is a positive step in the employment process.

If the phone interview has been scheduled in advance, use that to your advantage.  Keep your resume and pertinent papers readily available.  Also, be sure to alert family members that when you take a call from an employment contact, background noises should be kept to a minimum.

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