Make Sure You Are Hiring The Best Talent

Your people are your biggest asset, but when it comes to hiring, how can you increase the odds that the individuals you select to join your team are, indeed, your best choices?

Prepare Ads That Attract Strong Candidates

At Salem Solutions, we know the words and the tools used to attract strong job candidates are critical to your success. A simple listing of job requirements is often passed over by candidates.  Exceptional candidates are most likely to be attracted to job postings that show a sense of the organization’s values, style, and benefits.  In other words, they give candidates a sense of what to expect from employment.  Will they learn from strong mentors?  Develop leadership skills?  If so, your job posting is ideal for emphasizing facts such as these.

When You’ve Built a Strong Brand, Emphasize It In Your Ads and on Your Website

Millennials and Generation Z generally want to be a part of a positive environment that recognizes commitment.  They have extensive experience using the internet and good candidates will visit a company’s website before applying to a job. This makes it important to make sure you have an appealing website that emphasizes the positive environment and benefits your business is proud to offer.

Ask Questions That Draw Out Behavioral Patterns

Behavioral interview questions will let you understand in detail how a candidate has acted in specific situations.  If the position in question is stressful, ask candidates about stressors they have encountered in previous employment.  Then ask how they alleviated that stress.  Or, if you know the job requires extensive problem solving, ask what steps a candidate takes to solve problems.  Need a good communicator?  Ask a candidate to describe how they would sell an idea to a customer or client.

When You Need to Save Time, Video Screening Could Work For You

At Salem, we understand that your time and a candidate’s time are both valuable.  Once we have candidates, we think will suit your specifications, we are happy to help set up a phone or video screening opportunity.

Contact Us to Put Our Team to Work For You!

At Salem Solutions, we are here to work for you.  Each day we continue to build and grow the networks and contacts that make new directions for you and for us possible.  To put us to work for you, contact us today or call (866) 80-SALEM.

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