Training is Key! How to Get the Most Out of Your New Hire

Both forward-thinking employers and job seekers rank training as a top priority. Training plays a key role in developing strong, competitive organizations that have satisfied customers who speak well of them.  Another plus is good training has been proven to be highly effective in reducing turnover; in contrast, poor training plays a major role in the decision of a new hire to leave a job within weeks or months.

Training Essentials

Training done by experts on your own staff is ideally suited for new staff.  It can also be a vital first step in building an atmosphere of trust and goodwill.

Initial training of new staff is generally broken into blocks of time devoted to specific learning modules. When planned appropriately, it can be organized to deliver materials that new hires can access and reference during their first days on the job. What is not effective is training that consists of taking new staffers to a desk and telling them to ask a fellow worker to answer questions as they occur.

Plan for Successful Training

While some training modules are appropriate for everyone, the most effective training recognizes different departmental needs and plans sessions and materials accordingly. Keep the training pace lively and interesting and know the individual styles of your training staff.

Good trainers are always professional and happy to share with management the materials and topics that will be covered in their individual sessions. Don’t assume that because one of your existing employees is highly productive that they will be an equally effective trainer. The new staff gains important “first impressions” from time spent in training. Therefore, try to avoid information overload and pace the schedule so it is enjoyable, offers appropriate practice, and allows time for social interaction.

Whatever their job title, employees appreciate the recognition, and the conclusion of new-hire training can be a good place to start that recognition. A simple certificate or small gift at the conclusion of training can go a long way in making valuable, positive first impressions.

Let Salem Help You Plan Effective Training Strategy

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