Small to Mid-Sized Businesses: Here is How You Can Compete in Today’s Market

Job openings today are occurring at a faster rate than potential employees are entering the market.   As an employer in this environment, you want to hire the best candidates, but you also need to do so with cost constraints in mind.

Share Your Success on Your Website

When you operate a small or mid-size business, remember that everyone loves success.  Tell your story and share your enthusiasm and passion for business on your website in a way that attracts both customers and future employees.

Future employees like to be associated with winners, and one of the first things they do after reading one of your job postings is to go to your website.  When that website features the successes of both the business and the employees who staff the business, everyone can be a winner.

Attention Spans Are Dropping; Be Sure Your Messages Are Read

According to a new study from Microsoft, since the year 2000, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Creating websites with strong visuals, short sentences, and great tag lines is a must in this environment.   If your website promises quick feedback to customers, do the same for job candidates who apply on that site.   Responding with enthusiasm and a personal contact e-mail or phone number may mean the difference in getting a new customer or employee.

Foster the Social Community Within Your Business

As a smaller business, you may find it helpful to attract good candidates by offering flexible work schedules and social or fitness events that build morale and team spirit.  When employees speak well of you in the community, customers and potential hires take notice.  Another advantage of flexible schedules is that adults who are expanding their skill levels at area schools or colleges will have a greater ability to enroll in those opportunities and bring their skills back to your workplace and your customers.

Encourage Training in Technical and Computer Skill Whenever Possible

Writing in Forbes Magazine, Paul Phillips, the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Avanade, has described his company’s policy of encouraging people to consider roles in different parts of the company and even different areas of the world, allowing them to build their skills in new environments and “giving us the benefit of their expertise in new ways.”  Updating staff in computer and technical skills is one way to encourage success in those new environments, especially if yours is a small or mid-size business.

The Salem Team Offers Technical Expertise to Supplement Yours

To be successful in today’s marketplace, the Salem team takes advantage of a wide range of resources, especially those that can help small or mid-size businesses grow.  We’re here to help build your success.  Contact us today or call us at (866) 80-SALEM.

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