Are Your Job Postings Costing You Top Candidates?

It is no secret that the U.S. job market is highly competitive due to the lowest unemployment in decades.  However, even given that fact, candidates for employment are available and new candidates enter the market each day.  If your postings are drawing little or no attention, it may be time to re-examine your approach.

When a Re-Examination of Posting Strategies is in Order, Consider Multiple Factors

First, ask yourself how your words sound to others.  Studies have shown that readers respond best to clear short sentences with “you” or “your” used appropriately.  Your ad, for example, might include a phrase such as, “Do you have a passion for innovation?”  vs. “We require candidates who will innovate.”

Next, consider the effectiveness of the sites you use to post openings.  Avoid posting openings only on job boards.  Those boards are read mainly by candidates who are currently unemployed and tend to not capture “passive” job candidates who can be highly qualified and need some inducement to seek other employment.

Take a careful look at your ads to be sure they are appealing and have good design and layout and easy readability.

Software now exists to help analyze your writing, produce copy, and give written material and job postings scores for likely recruitment success.   Long sentences and words with multiple syllables can make readers “tune out,” thus causing potential employees to move on to other postings.  You can find such editing software on the web.   For example, software offered by Textio is receiving good press. Also, check out Pro Writing Aid, a readability analyzer from 

Finally, use social media sites such as LinkedIn to full advantage, and even consider starting your own group there to engage and attract potential job candidates, especially passive job seekers who are not actively seeking a job change, but would be open to it.  Guides are available on LinkedIn to accomplish this goal.

When You Need Professional Help, Contact Salem Solutions

At Salem, we know results matter, and it is our goal to deliver those results.  From creating strong job postings to facilitating successful job hires, our team of professionals is dedicated to making your business successful.  Contact us today or call us at (866) 80-SALEM.


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