Three Things You Can Do For Your Job Search That Your Resume Can’t

While it is almost universally acknowledged that a strong resume enhances employment potential, it is often “soft skills” that can make or break a job search.  Simply put, soft skills encompass emotional intelligence.  High academic scores and honors are desirable, of course.  But, emotional intelligence during a job search and after hiring is a key factor in getting a strong offer and to eventually achieving career success.

Step #1 to Enhance Your Job Search:  Use Soft Skills to Your Advantage

A potential employer reviewing your resume only sees facts on a paper.  Your unique personality does not show on that paper.  Therefore, getting in front of a potential employer for your chance to shine should be your ultimate goal.  When that in-person chance comes, take it and let your soft skills shine.

A ready smile, choice of positive language and phrasing and basic professionalism, along with polished grooming are all soft skills that employers desire.  “You‘re selling yourself, and part of you is the positive approach you‘ll bring to the office every morning,” says Alison Richardson, a recruiter for several New York financial firms. “That smile and friendly demeanor go a long way.”

Step #2:  Do Advance “Homework” Before Any Interview

Experts say that it only takes seven seconds to make an impression. Learn to make those seconds count.  For example, when a faculty opening occurred at a mid-size college, several candidates were interviewed.  But, the individual hired made an immediate impression by smiling warmly at the interview team and then opening their remarks by referencing what they had learned from studying materials regarding the college and its history.  By their answers, the other candidates revealed they knew little about the college and had not done any advance research.

Step #3:  Send a “Thank You.”

In a fast-paced world, “thank you” seems increasingly rare, but it can count as a follow up to a strong resume and good interview.  When you send a thank-you note, and another candidate does not extend the same courtesy, you automatically gain favorable attention.

Let Salem Help Guide You Through the Hiring Process

Salem’s success has been built by helping strong job candidates get offers that advance their careers and their personal goals.  When we work with you, we take the time to get to know you both as a person and a candidate.  Contact us today or call us at (866) 80-SALEM.



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