Learn How to Network! 5 Tips for Building Better Business Relationships

You have likely heard it said that who you know can be almost as important as what you know…if not more important.

It is a proven fact of business life that having a vast network of professional contacts can drastically tip the scale in your favor.  It is the reason top executives join numerous professional groups associated with their respective industries and then work hard to get on their boards of directors. They sponsor events, attend meetings, and constantly try to stay “connected” to others. Success, to them, is all about contacts and being able to reach out and quickly contact someone who can answer your questions, help you fill a key opening in your organization, or get you an appointment with individuals who are in positions of power and influence.  So where should you start?

It’s Never Too Early to Build Your Networks

Because the larger your network, the more access to opportunities you will have, start early to interact with potential professional contacts.  The goal of networking is to meet new people and maintain the connections you value. Here is how to start:

  1. Investigate local associations that interest you.
  2. Volunteer to help or be on a committee to increase your visibility.
  3. Build your conversational skills in order to engage people in a meaningful way. Merely collecting business cards is not enough.  People want to help others when they feel a mutual rapport has been established.
  4. Be a good listener and greet people with enthusiasm.
  5. Maintain your social networking profiles, such as LinkedIn, and recognize building rapport takes to follow up and patience.

Let Our Networks Work for You

At Salem, we consistently seek to build our relationships within industries and within business communities.  We stand ready to put those relationships to work for you.  We invite you to visit our website regularly.  Get to know us.  Let’s build better futures together! Contact us today or call us at (866) 80-SALEM.







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