Top Methods for Attracting Passive Job Seekers

By definition, “passive” job seekers are not actively in the market for a job change.  However, these individuals are often highly trained and can boast of a string of accomplishments, both professional and personal.  The question is, how can you find them?

Stay Visible and Well Connected

Your own employees and networking contacts are generally excellent sources for attracting passive job seekers. Consider your employees and business contacts of your extended human resources department.  Word of mouth is powerful and can gain the attention of those with the exact skills you are seeking.

Reward employees, vendors, and contractors for referrals, even if an actual hire does not result from a referral.

Keep current regarding the social channels your staff and associates favor and decide how those channels could be productive when you need staff for either temporary or full-time hires.

Review your website and consider adding a section devoted to interviews and images of individuals who work for you and have favorable things to say about you.

Film an event you have sponsored and share it on your website.  This is an excellent way to strengthen your visibility and/or “brand” your organization as an “other-centered” organization that values the community in which you operate. This, in turn, may encourage those who look at your site to look at your job postings or promote your organization in ways that can help you grow your business and attract favorable candidates.

If your staff does not include a social media expert, consider hiring one, even on a short-term basis.  When these experts know your goals and your hope of attracting strong passive candidates, they can offer a range of solutions you previously had not considered.

Make Salem Solutions Part of Your Team

At Salem, we often meet with talented people who ask us what options might be available to them.  Knowing your needs makes us able to assist both you and a passive job seeker in ways to make brighter futures for both of you. Contact us today or call us at (866) 80-SALEM.



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