5 Negative Effects of a Long Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring top talent, time is of the essence. More often than not, gifted job candidates are actively pursued by competing companies and recruiters. So, in many cases, the employer that ultimately wins the day is the one that can provide a streamlined communication, interviewing, and hiring process. Most of us are familiar with the obvious benefits of a hasty hiring process, but how about the other side of that coin? Here are five of the most common effects of a long hiring process:

● Wasted Money and Resources: Vetting, interviewing, hiring, and (especially) training a new employee is costly. Additionally, if you’re drawing out the hiring process more than necessary, you’re squandering time that could have been put towards training that employee to be productive and successful within his or her new role.

● Their Enthusiasm Will Fade: It’s critical for employers to quickly capitalize on a candidate’s excitement about the prospect of a new position. If we fail to do so and instead subject them to a long and arduous hiring process, they may become disenchanted with the opportunity and look for a company that will be more eager to bring them on board.

● A slow Hiring Process Could Hurt Your Customers: If your company is struggling to fill an open position due to a cumbersome hiring process, it’s likely that your customers, to some degree, will feel the residual effects. On the other hand, your customers interacting with a new, enthusiastic employee who is learning the ropes is a much more preferable scenario than having your company’s entire process slowed down.

● The Candidate Could Disappear: As we mentioned in the introduction, competition for talented candidates – regardless of the industry you happen to be in – is fierce. If you’re hiring process is delayed by recurring roadblocks, there’s a good chance that, in the meantime, the candidate you’ve been communicating with could be approached by another company which has a simpler recruitment process.

● Your Company’s Productivity Will Suffer: Every day that a position is left unfilled, the team, department, and manager that all collectively depend on that unfilled role will feel the negative impact. In turn, this could very likely affect the productivity and morale of their wider network of connections within the company.

The bottom line is this: when you’ve identified qualified, talented candidates who are eager to accept a role within your company, don’t delay! Examine your recruitment and interviewing process at all levels to make sure that it is streamlined as possible so that when the right match comes knocking, you’ll be ready to answer.

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