Easy Ways to Avoid “Ghosting” by Candidates

One of the most frustrating – and yet all too common – experiences for a hiring manager is to get some momentum going with a job candidate only to have them suddenly disappear and end the conversation. This is known as “ghosting,” and it can consume huge amounts of wasted energy, resources, and hours for recruiters and hiring managers. What can be done to avoid getting ghosted by candidates?

Here are four effective steps that hiring managers can take to keep the ball rolling with potential candidates:

Be Realistic About Opportunities: When we start a conversation with a strong candidate, the temptation to exaggerate the high points and only briefly mention the low points of a role can be strong. It’s important to remember, though, that this rarely leads to a happy ending. On the other hand, it pays to be honest and realistic with candidates. When we do so, we’re far more likely to meet and follow through with a candidate whose expectations match the actual demands of a position.

Streamline the Hiring Process: Talented employees will often be weighing multiple opportunities, so it’s always worthwhile to make the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring process as frictionless as possible. Long, drawn-out, and impersonal recruitment processes can result in candidates feeling disenchanted about a company as a whole and inclined to disappear to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Strengthen Your Employer Branding Strategy: It’s impossible to overstate just how far a coherent, consistent, and purposeful company narrative can go when you’re trying to keep a candidate interested in a role. By building your company’s story – think mission statements and copywriting here, for example – candidates will be much more interested in following through with an application for an open position.

Partner With a Staffing Agency: Staffing Agencies specialize in connecting talented candidates with employers. Staffing agencies such as Salem Solutions are uniquely well-positioned to find, contact and maintain communication with talented candidates. Their staff and expertise are guaranteed to provide your business with the extra manpower that’s necessary for keeping candidates engaged and preventing ghosting.

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