How You Can Turn Your Employees Into Your Best Spokesperson

In our modern age of ubiquitous screens and social media, employee reviews can spell the critical difference between glowing and permanently tainted reputations for our companies. Potential candidates and clients are constantly using reviews left by active and past employees to gauge our workplace culture and management abilities. As such, it should be a top priority for employers everywhere to ensure that our employees are happy and sending out positive messages about our workplaces online.

With that in mind, here are three steps that managers can take to increase the chances of their employees leaving glowing reviews online:

  • Acknowledge the Progress of Your Current Employees: There isn’t much that will brighten an employees day or make them feel good about their job more than being publicly recognized by their boss. If an individual employee or team has achieved something notable, make it a point to celebrate their victory – even if it’s only in some small way – in front of their peers. This will go a long way towards inculcating an environment of support, camaraderie, and positivity.
  • Build Relationships With Your Team Members: It’s crucial for your employees to feel that they’re a part of a community at work and that they share common values and goals with their leadership. Making time for regular face time with your team and planning team-building activities outside of work can go a long way towards building a workplace culture that your employees will be eager to recommend to others.
  • Develop a Workplace Culture That is Founded on a Healthy Work/Life Balance: On the one hand, it should be clear to your employees that the goals they’re working towards are worthy of their full effort and attention. On the other hand, it should be generally understood that no one is expected to work themselves to the bone or completely sacrifice their personal or family lives for the sake of their jobs. Your employees should feel committed to their jobs and understand the role that they individually play within the bigger picture, but they should also feel comfortable enough around their leadership to make it known if they’re overworked.

The bottom line is that managers should do everything in their power to build a workplace that their employees will want to recommend, even brag about, to job candidates. Focus on making your employees content and comfortable in their jobs, and then encourage that they express their positive feelings about work in online reviews.

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