Does Your Company Culture Promote Productivity?

The culture that you cultivate within your workplace will always directly determine the day-to-day and long-term attitudes, relationships, and productivity of your team. If your employees have access to the resources and tools that they need to do their jobs quickly and effectively, productivity will increase. If, on the other hand, they continually have access to those tools and resources, productivity – and morale – will suffer as a consequence. To maximize the output and ability of your teams, it’s crucial managers build company cultures that built upon accessibility, openness, education, and autonomy.

With those themes in mind, here are our top three tips for building a company culture that is aimed at promoting productivity:

  • Maximize “Flow” in Your Office’s Design

    • We all know that creating an open office plan (eliminating cubicles and promoting easy interaction amongst employees) is a quick route to a happier, more productive workplace, but what other renovations can we make? For one, it’s been proven that letting more sunlight into an office can help employees focus on tasks 15% longer than those deprived of natural light. Additionally, keeping the office at a comfortably cool 72 degrees, and painting your walls a comfortable, muted color can go a long way towards keeping your team focused and at ease.
  • Cut Back on Micromanaging

    • We understand that, as managers, the urge to have a say in every decision – big or small – can be significant. Always remember that you hired every member of your team for a reason, namely, because they’re competent and trustworthy. In many cases, productivity will increase if the manager is willing to step back enough to let everyone do their individual jobs and make things happen autonomously.
  • Set Your Team Up for Success

    • The productivity of any company is dependent on the degree of access that its employees have to the resources, tools, and education that they need to achieve their goals. As managers, it’s our responsibility to provide all of our team members with the toolkits and information that they need, and this can only be achieved through conversation. Sit down with your team leaders, and ask them: do they feel equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs optimally? Are there any policies, programs, or resources that are not currently in place that could be developed to empower their teams further?
  • Focus on Health and Wellness

    • The success and productivity of your team and your business is directly dependent on the health and wellbeing of its constituent team members. You can lead by example, here, by making sure you’re exercising regularly and eating full and nutritious meals. By doing so, your energy levels will be up, and your mood will be more stable, and that will spread to every corner of your company. You can also promote health and wellness by organizing team-wide fitness events, such as a sporting event or a run, and by eliminating vending machines with sugary drinks and snacks from the office.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Company’s Culture?

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