I Hired the Wrong Person. What Do I Do Now?

It is not a matter of if you find yourself in this boat, but when. Hiring a candidate who you thought would be a great fit, but ultimately is not, is inherently part of running a business. What do you do if you find that you have hired the wrong person?  

There are four types of employees that you can hire: 

1. Fits in well with both the company culture and job role

2. Good job role fit but a bad company culture fit 

3. Good company culture fit but a bad job role fit 

4. Bad company culture and job role fit 

The first type of employee is what you are aiming for and if you find yourself in this boat, you are all set! If you find yourself with the last option, letting the employee go will probably be the best option. However, if you find yourself with either of the other two types of employees, you have a decision to make.  

3 Options for an Employee Who is Not Working Out 

You have three choices when it comes to deciding how to handle an employee who is not working out: 

1. Let the employee go 

2. Have a direct conversation with the new hire to try to repair the situation

3. Find a bettersuited role for the employee 

There are certain factors to take into consideration that will help you make the right decision.  

What Do the Finances Say?  

Compare the financial costs of letting the employee go and having to go through the hiring process all over again versus retraining the employee for a better-suited role that is open at your company. Often, you will find that retraining the employee for a different role will make the most financial sense.  

Think of Your Employees in Terms of a Team 

Take a close look at the employee’s skill set versus the requirements of the job. It may be that you are able to slightly adjust the employee’s job role to better suit his or her skill set or retrain the employee for an entirely different position. The key to managing any staff is to make sure each employee is in the right position.  

Have an Honest Conversation with Your Employee 

Be honest but tactful and positive with your employee if you feel he or she is not working out. Potentially offer a probationary period to give the employee a chance to correct the situation. If you choose to move the employee, explain how you want him or her to be as successful as possible.  

Make Sure Your Next Hire is the Right Fit! 

Even though wrong hires happen, the ideal scenario is to hire the right person from the beginning. As the leading staffing agency in Florida, Salem Solutions is experienced in finding just the right candidates to fit your personnel needs. Request an employee today and avoid bad hires! 

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