Making A Great First Impression – 10 Things You Need to Know for Your First Interview

Congratulations! You have landed your first big interview. How do you make sure you hit it out of the park? Here are 10 must-know tips for your first interview! 

1. Study for Your Interview 

Before your interview take the time to do your research about the company. Make sure you know who the important people are, the name of your interviewer, and the mission and values of the company.  

2. Make Sure You are Punctual 

Arriving late will ensure you get your interview off on the wrong foot. Be on time, but not too early. A good rule of thumb is to arrive about 15 minutes before the time that your interview is scheduled. 

3. Dress Appropriately 

Always dress as if you are interviewing with the CEO of the company. It is much better to be overdressed than underdressed. Be sure that your clothing is free of wrinkles and stains.  

4. Be Confident 

Show that you are confident in yourself. Shake everyone’s hand with a firm grip. Stand or sit tall and avoid fidgeting. Confidence shows your interviewer that you can handle any task thrown your way. 

5. Show That You are Approachable and Gracious 

Make sure that your interviewer and anyone that you may be introduced to know that you are approachable. Acknowledge everyone you meet with a greeting, a smile, and a handshake. 

6. Let the Interviewer Know You are Interested 

From beginning to end you should let the interviewer know you are interested in the position. This is accomplished by both verbally expressing your interest and your body language. Make sure you are engaged with the interviewer the entire time. Do not slouch. Sit up straight and answer questions thoroughly. 

7. Avoid Reckless Comments 

It can be tempting to make a joke when you get nervous. Avoid making reckless comments about race, politics, religion, or anything else that can be offensive.  

8. Bring Your Professional Portfolio  

Although you have already sent in your resume and samples of your work, you should bring hard copies with you in a portfolio or a briefcase. Your interviewer will not have to search for your application, and you come across as professional. 

9. Have a List of Questions Prepared for the Interviewer 

Inevitably, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions for him or her. You should always have at least 2 or 3 questions prepared to ask. For instance, “What is a typical day like at your company?”. Asking questions shows that you are interested in the position. 

10. Don’t Forget to Smile 

Relax. Everyone gets nervous during a big interview. Don’t forget to smile throughout the interview. It will let the interviewer know you are friendly, approachable, and will get along with the rest of the team.  

Nail Your Next Interview! 

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