Welcome Back – How to set Expectations in a Post-COVID Call Center

The process of opening back up is an exciting time, but it also presents challenges for call center supervisors. There is no question that business will not resume to normal immediately. It will take time to reach a place where your staff is comfortable navigating the changes that COVID-19 has brought. How do you create a safe environment so that employees feel good about their return to work? Here are some helpful tips!

Updated Policies and Screenings 

Before employees formerly return to work, update call center policies for sick employees and make sure that there is a plan to enforce them. You may consider routine screenings as employees arrive, such as taking temperatures and requiring staff to use hand sanitizer upon entry. 

Promote Social Distancing 

Making social distancing possible will make your team feel more at ease about returning to work. This may involve rearranging workstations if feasible or installing additional barriers to minimize contact between employees. 

Implement an Open Door Policy 

Your staff needs to know that you are taking their health and safety seriously. Make sure employees know they can come to you with any concerns they may have. Transparency is key to helping employees feel confident in returning to the workplace 

Allow Flexible Schedules 

Some of your employees will be dealing with outside struggles such as finding childcare or taking care of a loved one that make coming back to work more difficult than before COVID-19. When possible and within reason, try and work with these employees by offering work-from options and/or a flexible schedule.  

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere 

Your staff’s stresses will no doubt be higher than they were pre-COVID-19. Creating and offering fun activities can help alleviate some of the pressure felt. By creating a relaxing atmosphere, you will boost the morale of your team. 

Small Steps to a New Normal 

Returning to business as normal will take time. It is important to be realistic about your expectations of your employees and to understand the challenges they face, both at work and in their personal lives. Helping them adjust to a new normal will ensure the success of your call center.  

Looking for more employees?

You may find that some employees do not return to their positions, putting you in need of hiring new associates for your call center. If you find yourself in this situation, rely on Salem Solutions. You have more important things to worry about than sifting through hundreds of applications to find the perfect candidates. With years of experience staffing call centers, our specialists can help you find the right candidates quickly and efficiently. Request an employee today and focus on helping your call center transition to a new normal.  


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