Room to Grow – Why You Should Consider Hiring an Underqualified Candidate

Even under the best circumstances, finding the perfect candidate is difficult to do. With a shortage of qualified applicants, it is more difficult than ever to find your next hire. If you do find the absolutely perfect candidate that checks every single box, they are probably in high demand with offers from other companies. In the past, many companies have overlooked underqualified candidates. However, these are your diamonds in the rough. With a little training and experience, they may end up outperforming perfect candidates. Here’s why you should consider hiring an underqualified candidate. 

Determination to Prove Themselves 

Underqualified candidates have something to prove and are eager to learn the skills needed to become successful in the industry. They are more likely to accept changes in the workplace and work twice as hard to do the best job they can. This may mean working extra hours to taking on tasks outside of their job description in order to gain more experience. 

A High-Level of Loyalty 

New hires who are underqualified are well aware they lack experience and therefore grateful for the opportunity they have been given by your company. This means they are more likely to have a higher sense of loyalty to the company. This helps to increase employee retention within your organization. 

Hire for Lower Pay 

Hiring an underqualified candidate doesn’t mean you have to pay a higher salary to get less. Often times, inexperienced candidates will be willing to accept a lower salary with an agreement that once the skills are acquired, pay will increase accordingly.  

More Cost-Effective 

Finding the perfect candidate takes a great deal of time and money to achieve. When you hire an underqualified candidate, you can do so more quickly, which saves time and money. This is especially true during a time when there is a shortage of underqualified candidates.  

Find Your Next Team Member 

When it comes time to find your next team member, considering hiring a highly driven underqualified candidate who is willing to work hard to gain more experience. An experienced staffing agency can help you do just that. Salem Solutions can find candidates with tremendous potential to fill your resource requirements. Contact us today to speak with a specialist about your hiring needs.  

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