Reading Between the Lines: How to Scan Resumes to Find the Best Talent

When posting a job opening, you will likely receive hundreds of resumes. Like most hiring managers, you do not have time to read each resume word-for-word. You need a strategy to find the best candidates as quickly as possible. Follow these tips to efficiently scan resumes and find your next team member 

Clearly Define Your Expectations 

Before you begin sifting through a mountain of resumes, have a list of qualities the ideal candidate must possess to be successful in the position and the second list of those qualities that are preferred but not necessarily required. This makes it easy to decide within seconds if a resume belongs in the no, yes, or maybe pile.  

Hone in on the Most Current Job Experience 

A candidate’s most current position will give you an idea of how relevant their most recent job duties are to the position that you are hiring for. If their current or most recent job is relevant to the job they are applying for, you can take a glance at their past work history. If not, there may not be a need to go further.  

A Pattern of Previous Jobs  

If a candidate has successfully met the two previous criteria, it is time to scan their work history. Is the candidate climbing the ladder in their career path or just jumping horizontally from job-to-job? The answer to this question will tell you whether they are a viable candidate for your position. 

Recognize Previous Employers? 

The bottom line is that companies gain a reputation for the types of employees they produce. Do any previous employers jump out at you as being notorious for producing exceptionally good or bad employees? This will give you insight as to what type of employee they may be. 

Career Accomplishments 

A glance at a candidate’s career accomplishments can give you a sense of their overall enthusiasm and work ethics. Does it look as if they have gone over and beyond to become involved in the industry or just doing the bare minimum to get by?  

Making the Right Hire the First Time! 

Making the right hire the first time is important to saving your company money and reducing the burden on current team members! As a premier staffing agency, Salem Solutions is an expert in finding the perfect candidates to fit your needs. Let our specialists take the hassle out of hiring by sifting through resumes and thoroughly vetting candidates, ensuring that you only receive top talent to interview. Request an employee today and let us take care of the leg work! 

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