How to Conduct Your First Employee Evaluation

Employee evaluations can seem daunting, but they are extremely valuable for ensuring that you and your team are on the same page, recognize what is working well, and identify areas of needed improvement. Successful employee evaluations inspire team members and provide them with ways to continue to develop and grow. On the other hand, ineffective evaluations can cause low morale amongst your team. Follow these tips to successfully conduct your first employee evaluation.  

Plan, Plan, Plan 

Do not perform your evaluation during your meeting with the employee. Instead, have all forms filled out ahead of time. Make notes of what you want to say during the meeting. This will help to ensure clarity and that you touch on all of the important points 

Do Not Just Focus on the Negative 

Employee evaluations are not designed to just point out areas that need improvement. While problem areas should be addressed, it is also important to point out areas where the employee is doing exceptionally well. It is important to note that you should not wait until an employee evaluation to point out if an employee is doing something exceptionally well or if an action needs to be corrected.  

Provide Clear Examples 

Rattling off areas where an employee scored high or low is just going to cause confusion. Instead, for every point you make, provide an example. For instance, if communication is an area of needed improvement be specific. Recall a situation in which communication was lacking and then explain the right way to have handled it. This clearly defines what went wrong and your future expectations.  

Make it a Conversation 

Provide your team members with the opportunity to provide their assessments of their own performance and what they like and don’t like about current processes. By learning what their greatest challenges are in their positions, you can work through solutions to making the year ahead better.  

Outline Future Goals 

Always end employee evaluations on a good note by conveying future goals for the position as well as the company as a whole. Be sure to include any plans that will improve processes and make the employee’s job easier. For instance, maybe your company plans on migrating to new software or implementing automated processes in the near future 

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