4 Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

Congratulations! You are taking the next step in your career. Although this is an exciting time in your life, it can also be stressful. Whether you are leaving a job you love or one that you never want to spend another minute at, it is considered professional to tell your boss that you are leaving, give a two-week notice, and submit a formal letter of resignation. While at some companies a resignation letter is optional, for others it is a required formality. Ready to write your resignation letter but not sure where to start? Follow these 4 tips!  

1. Straight Forward Opening Sentence  

There is no need to get long-winded. All you have to do in your opening sentence is to state which position you are resigning from and your last day. Resignation letters are more of a formality, since more than likely you have already talked with your boss as to your reasons for leaving 

2. Show Your Appreciation 

Whether you loved your time in this position or not, you should always show appreciation. After all, your boss took a chance on you, and more than likely you have gained experience and learned new skills during your time in the position. Not to mention, you may need references down the line. Burning professional bridges is never a good idea.  

3. Shed a Positive Light on Why You Are Leaving 

Stating your reasons for leaving is optional. If you choose to briefly include it in your resignation letter, always put a positive spin on it, even if you hated working there. If you can’t make your reasons for leaving positive, then leave this section out of your letter entirely. 

4. Offer to Help with the Transition 

If you are able, offer to help with the transition of your position. Explain how you will be able to do so and for what length of time. In some cases, due to time constraints or a move, this may not be possible and that is okay. However, if you decide to offer help, be sure that you do not promise anything you cannot make good on.  

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