Call Center Basics – What Your Newest Associates Need to Know

There is no doubt that call center management is inherently a challenging job. In most cases, your agents are working with disgruntled customers. The ability to effectively manage your call center, achieve goals, and realize your vision begins with getting your new agents off on the right foot. Here is your guide to what your newest associates need to know to be successful on the job.

Provide Long-Term Solutions

Providing long-term solutions for consumers is a must. It can be tempting to offer the easiest, quickest solution possible, but this is not in customers’ best interest. Teach new hires to go over and beyond for consumers. This can be the difference between a repeat customer and one you never see again.

Importance of Follow-Ups

Not all calls will require a follow-up, but some will. New agents need to know which circumstances require a follow-up call. Provide a process or tools to help agents stay organized so that critical follow-ups do not fall through the cracks.

Performance Incentives

Make sure new hires are in the know about performance incentives. This includes awards such as employee of the month or even a gift card or a day off for the top performer. This promotes healthy competition among your team and will make new members feel included.

Who to Go to With Questions

Occasionally issues will arise that your agents are not prepared to handle. In that case, it is essential to know who to go to. Do not forget to provide this valuable information to novice employees. Understanding the chain of command will keep the staff from becoming flustered and give them the confidence to know where to turn when challenging problems come their way.

Offer Creative Options

Customer solutions are not always cut and dry. Ensure employees know that it is okay to get creative and suggest out-of-the-box solutions in the best interest of the business and the customer. Provide guidance on what the hard boundaries are that employees cannot cross. Agents need to understand that solutions must not be offered if they are a detriment to the company.

Expect the Unexpected

The day-to-day of a call center associate’s is unpredictable. You never know what customer problems you are going to run into. Train new hires to be flexible and ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice. After all, the call center is the first-line defense when customers have an issue.

Find the Next Great Team Member for Your Call Center

Making the right hire to fit the culture of your call center is crucial to its success. Salem Solutions specializes in call center staffing. We will leave no rock unturned when it comes to finding the perfect candidates to fill your personnel needs. Request an employee today!

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