What is the Measure of Success? Call Center Metrics

When customers reach out to your call center, they expect their issue to be resolved quickly and professionally. The efficiency of your call center’s operations directly corresponds with customer satisfaction. Choosing the right metrics will help you determine the effectiveness of your processes. Identify areas that are working well and areas where there are improvements to be made. Measure the success of your call center with these metrics.

Response Times

This metric tells you how quickly agents are answering calls. Customers do not want to wait. For example, if your goal is to have 90% of calls answered in 25 seconds or less, then analyzing response time metrics will tell if you are hitting your goal.

Quality of the Calls

Customers expect professionalism. Make sure your agents include all the necessary elements in each phone call:

  • Polite opening
  • Asking if the customer needs help with another issue after resolving the first
  • Courteous closing (e.g., thank you for being a valued customer)

Average Call Duration

The less time it takes to resolve a customer issue, the better. Analyzing average call duration helps you identify agents who have consistently higher than average call times and may require further training.

Customer Service Satisfaction Score

Customer satisfaction scores are typically obtained by either a phone survey or a follow-up email. Answers to the questions indicate how well your center is performing as well as the individual agent who took the call.

Escalation Rate

Escalation rate refers to how many times calls reach supervisors. Agents with high escalation rates may need additional training and experience.

Conversation Monitoring

Record conversations between agents and customers. This metric is beneficial for solving any discrepancies that happen during a conversation. Recordings can also be used as training aids.

Resolution Time

This metric measures how long it takes to reach a solution from the time the call is answered. Resolution time can be measured in minutes, hours, or days. It ensures agents are working efficiently and taking the steps necessary to solve problems as quickly as possible.

First Call Resolutions

Having their problem solved on the first call is a customer’s ideal experience. The higher your call center’s first call resolutions rate, the higher your customer satisfaction score.

Sticking to the Schedule

This is a measurement of how often employees are actively answering calls during their shift. It is the best way to hold agents accountable for their job performance. Most call centers try to achieve a 90% adherence to schedule rate.

Bonus Tip!

Keeping a close eye on the above metrics will help you fine-tune your call center’s processes. However, the first step to a thriving call center is making great hires. Salem Solutions specializes in finding the ideal candidates for your personnel needs. You focus on running your agency, and let us take care of the rest! Request an employee today!

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