Tips for Perfecting a Professional Customer Service Voice

Words, whether spoken or written, are incredibly persuasive. They have the power to evoke a variety of emotions, including inspiration, motivation, hopefulness, anger, frustration, etc. A brand’s success is dependent on its customer support team. Delivering exceptional customer service starts with choosing the perfect words in the right tone. Let’s take a look at tips for perfecting your professional customer service voice both verbally and written.  

Speak as If You are Talking to a Friend 

Many think that using big words and being formal makes you sound better educated and more professional, instilling trust in consumers. However, this is not true. It actually does the opposite. Being too formal comes off as insincere and can make you seem disconnected. There is also the potential that the customer will not understand what you are saying.  

Instead, speak to the customer as if you are having a casual conversation with a friend. Use everyday language so that it is easy for the consumer to understand and flows more naturally.  

Speak Clearly 

There is nothing more frustrating for a consumer than to call customer support only, not to be able to understand or hear the agent. When communicating verbally with callers, be sure to enunciate your words and speak in a high enough volume that the customer can easily hear and understand you on the other end.  

Keep It Brief 

In both written and verbal communications, it is best to keep it as short as possible. Consumers will not bother to read long-winded responses. Likewise, they may get lost or confused if you provide a verbal monologue. Get to the point quickly and then give the consumer an opportunity to ask if they have any further questions. 

Avoid Being Defensive 

Understandably, you want to act in the best interest of the company you work for. However, coming off as defensive or insinuating that the customer is at fault is very off-putting. The consumer is already stressed and emotional because there is an issue. Instead, show empathy for the person’s situation without accepting blame on the company’s behalf.   

Put a Name to Your Voice (or Words) 

Anonymity seems impersonal. Take accountability for every correspondence you have with customers by introducing yourself over the phone or signing your name to emails and documents. Consumers will take even bad news much better if you do not hide behind a title or department name. 

Proofread for Grammar and Spelling 

Nothing breeds distrust like an email or document with atrocious grammar and spelling mistakes. Before sending any written communication, be sure to make sure it is free of spelling errors and grammatically correct.  

Ready to Take on Your Next Role as a Customer Support Agent?  

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