Knowledge is the Key to Happiness: How to Make a Culture of Learning That Improves Employee Engagement

The world around us is everchanging. To keep your company at the cutting edge of its industry requires continuous innovation and evolvement. Developing a culture of learning will improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and allow your business to move forward and grow. Knowledge is the key to happiness. This is your guide to how to create and nurture a culture of learning. 

Begin with the Hiring Process 

Implementing a culture of learning is much easier when you hire employees who are naturally lifelong learners. This is not only advantageous for future company goals but also improves employee retention. Those who are eager to learn will be happier at your company and stay longer.  

The best way to find out if a candidate is a lifelong learner is to ask about hobbies. Learners are often pursuing other dreams apart from their day job. For instance, they may have their own side hustle or taking martial arts or painting classes. A candidate without any hobbies is a strong indication that he or she is not a natural lifelong learner. 

Develop a Continuing Education Policy 

Make learning part of your company’s policy. For instance, make it a requirement that each employee must complete “X” hours of continuing education. This could be: 

  • Classes 
  • Certifications 
  • Workshops 
  • Seminars 
  • Online training 

Provide Ample Time 

To encourage employees to participate, they should be provided compensation and time during regularly scheduled work hours to complete the learning opportunities. Providing time during work hours will set the tone for your employees and keep them eager to learn more. 

Set an Example 

You set the bar for your team. Make sure to practice what you preach and take your own continuous learning seriously. Show your employees how dedicated you are and share your learning activities such as trainings and classes you’ve taken. Let your enthusiasm show through, and it will be contagious to your staff. 

Provide Career Coaching 

Using either internal or external resources, provide one-on-one career planning. This will allow each team member to develop achievable goals and an ongoing growth strategy at your company. Showing employees that you care about their professional growth will increase employee engagement and foster a positive learning culture 

Find the Perfect Lifelong Learner to Add to Your Team 

The above tips will help you implement and maintain a culture of learning in the workplace. Make sure you get off on the right foot by hiring the right candidate the first time around. Salem Solutions is dedicated to providing custom solutions for even the most complex personnel needs. Contact Salem Solutions today and take the first step to develop a culture of learning. 

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