Update Your Resume: How Call Center Professionals Can Make Their Resume Stand Out

Finding a new job can seem overwhelming. How do you compete with possibly hundreds of other applicants who may be just as qualified as you? The answer – Your resume. It is how hiring managers first “meet” you. First impressions are everything, and you want yours to be a good one. These tips will show call center professionals like yourself how to make your resume stand out. 

Communicate Your Story Quickly 

When sifting through a stack of applicants, hiring managers will not read each resume word for word. Instead, they will look for key characteristics they are most interested in. Make sure anyone can understand who you are just by scanning your resume. Avoid rambling and unnecessary wordiness. 

Include Only Relevant Information 

Your resume should be customized for call centers. Only include relevant information that a hiring manager at a call center will find advantageous. For instance, stating that you are an incredible artist and enjoy painting in your free time is not going to give you a leg up on the competition. 

Have You Received Awards?  

Be sure to include any awards you have received. This is an excellent way to subtly show you are motivated, passionate, and that others find value in what you bring to the table. 

Reference the Job Posting 

Call center hiring managers want to know that candidates actually read the job description. Including keywords and addressing critical concepts in the posting will make your resume stand out. 

Demonstrate Productivity 

Showing how productive you and backing it up is crucial. For example, if you have previous call center experience, mention a time when you were the top agent and then quantify it with how many calls you took. If you are new to the industry, use another quantifier, such as the monthly sales. 

Include References 

Always include at least three references in your resume. Avoid family members and friends if at all possible. Instead, list previous employers, professors, co-workers, or other professional connections you may have.  

Do Not Go Over a Page 

When initially sorting applicants, most hiring managers will not flip past the first page of a resume. Try to keep your resume to one page. If this is not possible, make sure the most important information is on the first page. 

Do You Have Connections?  

If you know someone who works for the call center you are applying to, reach out. He or she may bring your name to the hiring manager, which will make your resume stand out. 

Let Us Make It Easier! 

As the nation’s leading call center staffing agency, Salem Solutions has a wealth of experience helping job seekers find their dream job. Our staffing specialists will even help you fine-tune your resume before applying to positions. Contact us today to get started on the next chapter of your life. 

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