How to Attract Quality Call Center Employees

Hiring new employees costs resources in the form of time and money. Making a bad hire for any reason, especially due to lack of options, is expensive. Quality employees increase productivity and decrease staff turnover rate. Great hires begin with a successful recruiting strategy. Follow these tips to attract quality call center employees.  

Gain Insight from Current Employees 

Talk to your current call center agents to gain insight into how they view the company. Ask for feedback on the following subjects:  

  • What attracts them to work for the call center? 
  • What qualities and skills do they feel are essential to be successful?  
  • What qualities would your agents look for in new recruits?  

Create an Employee Persona 

Clearly define who your ideal team member is. It helps to give the persona a name, such as Call Center Cathy. Give your employee persona details, including 

  • Preferred soft and hard skills 
  • Personality (e.g., enjoys talking to people, team player, etc.) 
  • Career goals 
  • Communication skills 
  • Mindset 

The more characteristics you can give your call center persona, the easier it will be to spot a quality candidate. 

Analyze Your Call Centers Culture 

Culture plays a big part in whether employees stick with companies for the long haul. This is even more true in positions that require a great deal of repetition. Make sure your call centers culture is one that top-talent wants to work for. Ensure your call centers atmosphere is welcoming and includes perks such as monthly rewards for top-performing team members.  

Specific Job Descriptions 

Many employers make the mistake of trying to get job postings in front of as many people as possible. This is not a helpful strategy. Instead, focus on reaching the type of candidate you want. 

Realistic Simulations 

Simulations are the best way to determine if a candidate will be successful in a call center. Create mock scenarios to see how potential hires handle them. These exercises will provide valuable insight as to whether the candidate will be a successful team member.  

Find Your Next Team Member without the Hassle 

You have a million other things on your plate than filling open positions. As the leading call center staffing agency in the nation, Salem Solutions can help you find your next great employee faster. We understand call centers’ unique needs and challenges and utilize our large talent pool to find the perfect candidate. Focus on running your call center, and let us take care of the hiring. Request an employee today! 

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