Call Center Trends That are Shaping Recruiting

Call Center Trends That are Shaping Recruiting

Like every other business process, recruiting is continuously changing and evolving based on the world around us and current trends. The year 2020 brought with it many new trends as call centers were met with never-before-seen challenges. This is your guide to the call center trends that are shaping recruiting.

Call Center Trends To Be Aware Of in 2021

Social Media Support

More consumers than ever are turning to social media for customer service support. Call centers are obliging on the most popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. New hires need to be familiar with navigating social media platforms.

Consistency Across Channels

Consumers may jump from desktop to mobile app to a phone call for support regarding the same issue. They expect their experience to be continuous and not have to repeat steps such as providing identifying information. Call centers are working hard to meet this expectation by delivering seamless omnichannel support.

The Use of Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular because consumers can instantly get their basic questions answered through automated responses based on algorithms. They can also get in touch with a live agent should their issue be more complex than the automated chatbot can handle. Call center agents need to be familiar with chatbots and comfortable with jumping in when need be.

Self-Service Options

Many consumers want to resolve their issues with self-service tools that are available on the company’s website. This includes paying their bill or changing their subscription. This can be achieved through customer portals and online knowledge bases. Often when call center employees receive a call, chances are the consumer is already incredibly frustrated because they have spent time trying to achieve their goal with self-service tools. Agents will need to be extra patient and understanding to field these calls.

Video Support

Customers expect contactless yet personal support. An increasing number of companies are offering video chat support. A consumer can visit the website and open a video chat request with a call center support team member. Your hires must be well-versed with technology and willing to speak with a customer over video.

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Changing call center trends change the type of candidates who are suitable for the job. No longer is it enough for employees to be comfortable talking on the phone. Call center agents need to be comfortable with social media, websites, and video chat platforms.

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