Should You Apply to a Job That You’re Unqualified For?

Should You Apply to a Job That You’re Unqualified For? | Salem Solutions

Let’s say you are browsing job boards for open positions. You stumble across a job title that sounds promising, so you click the link for further details. The description and duties align near perfectly with your dream job. And then your excitement is crushed when you realize you don’t meet the requirements. You do not have the 5+ years of experience they are looking for. Should you still apply for the job even though you’re underqualified?

How to Know If You Should Apply For Job You Are Underqualified For

First, it is essential to understand that employers create job requirements that describe their ideal candidate. 9 times out of 10, the perfect candidate does not exist, but the point is to prevent applicants who do not qualify at all from applying. This guideline will help you determine if you are qualified enough to apply for a job you do not meet all the requirements for.

How Underqualified are You?

You should be at least a 50% match to consider applying for a position. The closer you are to 100%, the better, though. Keep in mind that you should match with most of the more important requirements, such as experience with the “X” program and not “willingness to learn.” Anything under 50%, and the chances are good that you will be wasting both your time and the employer’s.

Do You Have Achievements Under Your Belt?

If you have incredible achievements under your belt that can relate back to the industry you are applying for jobs in, then you should go for it! Achievements can be anything from winning an award to being an inventor so long as you can show how it is beneficial to the job you are applying for.

You Know You Have What It Takes!

Let’s face it. You know deep down whether you have the credentials to be successful at a job. If you know you have what it takes and can answer how you would provide immediate value to the position and company, you should apply. However, if you know with certainty that you will be winging it, it’s time to move on.

Tips for Applying for Jobs Your Underqualified for

  • Submit a functional resume – Instead of a chronological resume, try a functional one that groups your experiences according to skillsets (e.g., leadership).
  • Show off your personality – Employers want to hire people who can get along with everyone. Being likable goes a long way.
  • Find an “In” – If possible, find someone you know who can make a personal introduction within the company.
  • Demonstrate your value – Create a presentation or an outline that shows how you would tackle the position and overcome challenges. Then, attach it to your application.
  • Fill in the Gaps – Show how the skills and experiences you do have translate into the position you are applying for.

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