Get the Most Out of Your Call Center Job Descriptions with These Tips

Get the Most Out of Your Call Center Job Descriptions with These Tips | Salem Solutions

Job descriptions can best be thought of as the first impressions your call center will make on candidates. Positive first impressions are vital to attracting the highest-quality talent. Job descriptions should be informative, easy to understand, and inspiring. Let’s take a look at tips for getting the most out of your call center job descriptions.

Clear and Concise Job Titles

The job title is the first thing job seekers will look at when deciding if a position is a good fit. Now is not the time to get cute with creative titles such as “Elusive Customer Service Dominator.” What exactly does that mean? Candidates do not have nor want to take the time to decipher what you are looking for. Instead, opt for a more straightforward approach such as “Experienced Customer Service Agent.”

Identify The Most Important Skills Needed

Clearly state the most critical requirements for applicants to possess. An easy way to do this is to break job requirements into two groups, required and preferred. This approach will make it easy for job seekers to identify whether they qualify for the position or not.

Avoid Confusing Jargon

Most candidates skim job descriptions first to determine if they are interested in pursuing the opportunity further. Long, wordy sentences and confusing jargon will be a turn-off to potential applicants, and you will end up missing out on great talent. Break job descriptions into digestible chunks by using headings such as “Job Duties” and “Job Requirements.” Keep sentences short and use bullet points when possible.

Careful With Your Wording

It can be easy to discriminate with your wording unintentionally. For instance, be sure to use gender-neutral pronouns. In addition, job descriptions should be inclusive of all ethnicities, religions, and ages.

Create a Powerful Visualization

Help potential candidates visualize what life will be like working for the company. Break down a typical day, including job responsibilities, benefits and perks, and a glimpse inside the company’s culture. The goal is to show potential employees how amazing it will be to work in your call center.

Provide a Salary Range

You do not have to disclose an exact salary, but providing a salary range along with retirement packages and medical insurance benefits will make your job description more attractive. Failure to include compensation details in job descriptions gives the impression that the compensation package is not good and will discourage top talent from applying.

Let Us Make It Easy to Fill Your Call Center Staffing Needs

An effective job description is key to attracting high-quality applicants and decreasing your call center’s time-to-fill. Salem Solutions specializes in call center talent recruitment. We understand the unique challenges call centers face and vet all potential candidates, presenting you with only the most qualified to interview. When it comes time to find your next great agent, trust us with the heavy lifting. Request an employee today!


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