7 Phrases Call Center Agents Should Know and Use to Elevate Customer Experience

7 Phrases Call Center Agents Should Know and Use to Elevate Customer Experience

The majority of customers leave a company because of a bad customer experience. This is especially true when it involves customer service. Customers expect to be treated with respect and have their needs met. Because they typically reach out to call centers with problems, they may be upset and frustrated. This is why a quick connection to a knowledgeable agent, the right amount of empathetic interaction, and a quick resolution are so important.


Encourage Agents to Choose Among these Seven Phrases when Handling Customer Calls.


1.    “I understand how this could be frustrating. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this.”

Agents should put themselves in the customer’s position to imagine how they would feel if they were experiencing the same problem. Acknowledging the customer’s frustration and apologizing because of their experience validates their feelings and concerns. It also shows that the agent is listening to the customer’s concerns and understands where they are coming from. The customer should feel reassured, respected, and comforted during the conversation.

2.    “Thanks so much for your patience as we sort this out.”

Expressing appreciation to the customer for waiting shows gratitude for their business. It encourages them to stay on the line and wait for a resolution rather than purchase from a competitor. When agents state that they will resolve the issue for the customer, it shows that action is being taken to find a solution to the problem. Having the agent indicate that they are the problem solver tends to be more effective than saying their team or manager will handle the issue. Even if the team or manager is doing the work, the agent is coordinating it for the customer.


3.    “I’m happy to help you.”

Customers may feel embarrassed when calling about small issues. Having the agent reassure the customer that they would enjoy helping them shows that every concern matters to your company. This puts the customer at ease and shows that your company appreciates their reaching out for help. Remind agents to smile when offering their assistance. Their enthusiasm will show that they want to be of service in making things right. Adding positivity to the situation makes customers feel valued and have better experiences, encouraging customer loyalty.


4.    “Let me look into this.”

If an agent does not have an answer to a question or problem, they should let the customer know that they are actively finding one. Because some issues are unique, they may not fall under the category of frequently asked questions and require additional research to thoroughly address. Showing that the agent is taking an extra step to ensure the customer’s needs are filled demonstrates that they care about keeping their business. The agent should ask whether the customer can hold for a moment while they check for a solution. Or, the agent may ask whether they should call the customer back with an answer. Make sure the agent gets back to the customer in a reasonable amount of time without committing to a deadline. They could say “very soon” or “as soon as possible” rather than setting an expectation they may not be able to reach. Make sure the agent provides updates as often as possible. This builds trust with the customer and shows care for filling their needs.


5.    “Let me clarify, and please correct me if I get anything wrong.”

The agent should restate the issue to make sure they understood it and covered all of the relevant points. This provides time to clarify any misunderstandings before finding a solution. Confirming the accuracy of what the agent heard and interpreted helps to find an answer more quickly. Resolving the issue in less time should satisfy the customer.


6.    “I appreciate your bringing this to our attention.”

Gaining customer feedback about a problem lets your agents resolve it and prevent the issue from happening again. This helps with quality control. Expressing sincere appreciation for sharing the problem shows respect for your customers. Remind call center agents to apologize for the issue and thank customers for continuing to do business with your company.


7.    “Can I help you with anything else?”

Have customer service agents check that they addressed all of the customer’s concerns. This ensures the customer is satisfied with the quality of the resolution and invites them to ask more questions. Showing that the agent has time for the customer expresses appreciation for their business. Reducing customer effort increases customer satisfaction.


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