Time for a Change? 6 Signs a Call Center Job Would Be Perfect for You!

Time for a Change? 6 Signs a Call Center Job Would Be Perfect for You!

Are you looking to make a career change? No matter which industry you are in, you likely have transferrable skills that can help you land a job with a call center. Since the barrier to entry is low, you may want to learn more about this potential career path.


If you have these six characteristics, then a call center career may be what you are looking for.


1.    You Have Strong Communication Skills.

Working at a call center requires excellent speaking, listening, and writing skills. You need to carefully listen to each customer and ask questions to fully understand their issue. You also must remain empathetic and explain the solution in an easily understood manner. Because this may be a customer’s first connection with the company, you want to make a great impression.


2.    You Stay Organized.

Part of working at a call center involves the ability to stay organized. Your duties include checking the company knowledge database, talking notes during customer calls, and filling in call disposition codes. Other responsibilities include updating the customer relationship management (CRM) software and completing post-call paperwork. Because you may need to handle several customers at one time, you also must verify the details of each conversation to ensure their accuracy.


3.    You Excel at Solving Problems in Your Previous Career.

The main reason customers contact call centers is to find a solution to their problems. Although you likely have a script to work from to handle common issues, you still have to resolve unique problems as they are presented. This requires creative thinking to help the customer while maintaining the best interests of the company.


4.    You Enjoy Using Technology.

Technology plays a significant part in a job at a call center. You must be able to use Microsoft Suite and type fast enough to keep up with customer calls. You also need to learn the calling, recording, and payroll systems, and other technology.


5.    You Have an Even Temperament.

Dealing with frustrated customers is a key part of working at a call center. This is why maintaining a positive, helpful attitude is required. You have to react with understanding and professionalism when customers are upset. Showing support while resolving problems is necessary for success.


6.    You Are Reliable.

Working at a call center requires dependability. The job tends to be stressful and fast-paced. The hours include nights, weekends, and holidays. This means you need to be at your desk ready to work when your shift begins. Your team depends on you to help with the workflow.


Looking for a Call Center Career?

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