Think Twice Before Quitting! 4 Considerations to Make Before Quitting Your Call Center Job

Think Twice Before Quitting! 4 Considerations to Make Before Quitting Your Call Center Job

As The Great Resignation goes on, the number of employees who quit their jobs continues to grow. This may make it tempting to join the mass departure and leave your call center job. However, you should think twice before handing your manager your resignation letter. Staying with your current employer may be in your best interest.


Consider these four factors before leaving your call center job.


1.    Are You Consistently Reaching Your Goals?

If you continually achieve your call center goals, you likely are being rewarded for your efforts. The gift cards, bonuses, raises, or other incentives make it attractive to stay at your job. They make it worth your time to deliver value to your team and organization on an ongoing basis. Plus, you likely have a reputation as a top employee, making it more meaningful to stay. You can continue to build on your successes and make a bigger move down the road.


2.    Is Stability Important?

With all of the changes happening due to the coronavirus, your call center job may be one of the few constants in your life. Because moving to a new company is disruptive, you may want to remain where you are for now. You can continue to learn, develop your skills, and take on new responsibilities. This can make you even more prepared for when the time is right to change jobs.


3.    Can You Craft Your Role?

Employee departures could mean new opportunities for you within the organization. For instance, you could take on additional responsibilities to increase your skill set. Or, you might be able to secure a lateral move or a promotion. Perhaps you can lead or take part in a strategic initiative that increases your visibility to leadership. Talk with your manager about how you can add more value to the call center. Discuss what could be done to accommodate your changing background, motives, and preferences. This can help increase your engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.


4.    Could You Negotiate for More Money?

The vast number of employees quitting their jobs provides you greater leverage for a pay increase. Start by making a list of your most recent accomplishments and how you added value to the call center. Then, talk with your manager about the reasons you deserve a raise. They may be able to provide one in order to keep you with the organization. If not, ask what it would take for you to earn a promotion with higher pay. Write down the requirements, then talk about the ways you can fill them. Create a plan to begin taking action.


Are You Sure It Is Time for a Change?

If it definitely is time to change call center jobs, work with Salem Solutions to find one that meets your needs and interests. Visit our job board today.

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