6 Qualities That Make a Great Call Center Agent

A great call center agent is the backbone of any customer service team. The ability to listen, problem-solve, and remain calm under pressure is essential for success in a call center environment. But what makes a great call center agent? Let’s look into the six most important qualities that make up a fantastic customer service representative.

Ability to Keep Calm Under Pressure

Working in a call center can be stressful. When customers are frustrated, it’s important that agents keep their cool and find solutions to help them. This can mean diffusing tense situations with professionalism, understanding, and patience.

Active Listening

Agents should be able to listen actively to what customers have to say before responding directly rather than jumping in with solutions right away. This skill helps agents stay focused on the conversation and ensures they respond directly with what customers need instead of guessing at solutions.

Problem Solving Skills

Being able to think on your feet is essential for any call center agent. Agents should be able to quickly assess problems and come up with potential solutions or next steps for customers so that issues are resolved as efficiently as possible.


It’s important for agents to understand the emotions behind customer calls and respond accordingly. Empathy shows customers you care about their needs and can help put them at ease during difficult conversations.


Technology changes quickly so agents should be comfortable learning new systems and processes as needed in order to provide the best customer service possible. Being open-minded also helps when it comes to adapting customer service strategies based on feedback from clients or supervisors.

Product/Service Knowledge

Agents should have a solid understanding of products or services being offered so they can address questions or concerns accurately without having to research answers during a customer call. 


Hiring great call center agents requires looking for individuals who possess the qualities discussed above—the ability keep calm under pressure, active listening skills, problem solving skills, empathy, adaptability, and knowledge of products/services being offered by your business or organization—in order to maximize efficiency when dealing with customers both over the phone and via other digital channels such as email or chat support platforms. Incorporating these qualities into your team will help ensure that your customer service representatives consistently provide excellent experiences for every one of your customers every time they interact with you!

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