5 Characteristics of a Great Staffing Partner

Staffing partners can be a huge asset to any company. They help companies find talented people to fill short-term and long-term roles so that businesses can thrive. They help job seekers find jobs that suit their skills and provide a bridge to permanent employment. But on the other hand, a mismatched staffing partner can lead… Read More »

3 Ways to Help Your Remote Customer Service Team Thrive

Let’s face it: remote work is here to stay. Remote work brings a sense of autonomy, flexibility, and ownership and can be incredibly empowering to employees. Here are 3 key insights for helping your customer service team adapt and thrive in a fully remote work environment.   Use technology to your advantage At times, technology… Read More »

How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Customer Service

  In our experience, no matter how strong a customer service operation is, turnover is inevitable. But it is possible to find success by keeping your team effective and engaged, while retaining as many top performers as possible. What can you do to retain current employees? Keep reading for a few ideas on how to… Read More »

How to Onboard New Employees for Quicker Integration

Did you know that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%? Talent scarcity and high turnover are among the biggest challenges organizations will face in 2022 and beyond – so it’s important to engage and retain employees from day one. A strong employee onboarding process can help you accomplish that, while also helping… Read More »

Looking for Gen Z-ers? Perks to Offer When Recruiting

Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2012. They now make up more of the workforce than millennials do. Like other generations, Gen Z is looking for different things in a job and employer. One of the most important aspects is perks. Offering the perks Gen Z values most attracts them to your call center.… Read More »

Re-Evaluating Your Goals Now, Midway Through 2022

It’s amazing we’re halfway through 2022! With 6 months left to go, now is the perfect time to check back in on the goals you set when the year began. Perhaps your goals involved learning a new skill or finding a new job. In any case, it’s great to know what you want to achieve.… Read More »

Refresher Tips for Your Call Center to Perform at Its Best

Customer impressions of a company typically are based on their interactions with call center agents. These interactions tend to be the main source of firsthand experience with a business. As a result, your call center agents require the proper tools and training to handle customer calls. Showing your customers they’re valued and respected encourages them… Read More »

The Importance of Relationship-Building for Call Centers 

The Importance of Relationship-Building for Call Centers | Salem Solutions

The relationships that call center agents build with customers are essential to the success of the business. Most customers expect their needs to be met as quickly as possible with one phone call. Otherwise, the customers are likely to do business with other companies that better serve them. This is why call center agents need… Read More »

3 Factors That Can Contribute to Burnout This Summer

3 Factors That Can Contribute to Burnout This Summer | Salem Solutions

Burnout occurs when emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a diminished sense of personal accomplishment combine. A burned-out employee typically feels cynical and depleted of energy. Nothing they contribute at work appears to make a difference to the organization.  An employee experiencing burnout usually feels unmotivated, disengaged, and unproductive. This typically is a result of feeling chronic… Read More »

Are You Keeping Your Call Center Safe? 4 Tips for National Safety Month

Are You Keeping Your Call Center Safe? 4 Tips for National Safety Month | Salem Solutions

As a supervisor in a call center, your agents’ safety is your top priority. Without your workforce, your call center cannot operate. Because a call center is a busy place to work, there may be significant safety risks in the environment. As a result, you must do what you can to keep your agents safe.… Read More »