How to Attract Quality Call Center Employees

Hiring new employees costs resources in the form of time and money. Making a bad hire for any reason, especially due to lack of options, is expensive. Quality employees increase productivity and decrease staff turnover rate. Great hires begin with a successful recruiting strategy. Follow these tips to attract quality call center employees.   Gain Insight from Current Employees … Read More »

Time for a Change? Four Tips for Looking for a New Job While Still Employed

Arguably the best time to look for a new job is while you still have one. Understandably, it is not advisable to go without a paycheck, not knowing when you will land your next job. However, it can be challenging to job hunt while you’re still employed. How do you find the time? More importantly, how… Read More »

Update Your Resume: How Call Center Professionals Can Make Their Resume Stand Out

Finding a new job can seem overwhelming. How do you compete with possibly hundreds of other applicants who may be just as qualified as you? The answer – Your resume. It is how hiring managers first “meet” you. First impressions are everything, and you want yours to be a good one. These tips will show call… Read More »

How to Improve the Call Center Experience: The Question Your Team Should Be Asking Customers

Call centers are the heart and soul of businesses. Customers rely on agents to solve any issues they may have with the products and services your company provides. Their experience with your team has a monumental impact on customer retention and attracting new clients. In short, call centers can make or break a business. Let‘s take a look at the one… Read More »

Knowledge is the Key to Happiness: How to Make a Culture of Learning That Improves Employee Engagement

The world around us is ever–changing. To keep your company at the cutting edge of its industry requires continuous innovation and evolvement. Developing a culture of learning will improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and allow your business to move forward and grow. Knowledge is the key to happiness. This is your guide to how to create… Read More »

Tips for Perfecting a Professional Customer Service Voice

Words, whether spoken or written, are incredibly persuasive. They have the power to evoke a variety of emotions, including inspiration, motivation, hopefulness, anger, frustration, etc. A brand’s success is dependent on its customer support team. Delivering exceptional customer service starts with choosing the perfect words in the right tone. Let’s take a look at tips for perfecting your professional customer service voice both verbally… Read More »

Falling Behind at Work? When and How to Ask for Help

Let‘s face it, asking for help in the workplace comes with a negative stigma. There is the fear that you will be viewed as a failure or incompetent at your job. This could not be further from the truth. We all need help from time to time. Whether we are falling behind at work or facing a problem… Read More »

What is the Measure of Success? Call Center Metrics

When customers reach out to your call center, they expect their issue to be resolved quickly and professionally. The efficiency of your call center’s operations directly corresponds with customer satisfaction. Choosing the right metrics will help you determine the effectiveness of your processes. Identify areas that are working well and areas where there are improvements… Read More »

Get Hired Fast – How a Staffing Firm Can Fast Track Your Career

Job searches can be overwhelming. With numerous job boards, job fairs, and forums, it can be hard to know where to turn first, much less identify which avenues give you your best chance of quickly landing your dream job. You should take advantage of every resource at your disposal. Staffing firms are an underutilized asset… Read More »

Call Center Basics – What Your Newest Associates Need to Know

There is no doubt that call center management is inherently a challenging job. In most cases, your agents are working with disgruntled customers. The ability to effectively manage your call center, achieve goals, and realize your vision begins with getting your new agents off on the right foot. Here is your guide to what your… Read More »