4 Ways to Create a Culture That Supports Call Center Agents’ Mental Health

Working as a call center agent tends to be stressful. Agents tend to deal with high call volumes, frustrated customers, and constant pressure to meet quotas. Mental health often can suffer in high-stress conditions.   Continuously working in a high-stress environment can adversely impact agents’ mental wellbeing. This is why call center managers and supervisors… Read More »

The Top Mistakes Call Centers Make and How to Avoid Them in 2022!

The Top Mistakes Call Centers Make and How to Avoid Them in 2022!

Odds are your call center has a well-developed training program and agents who demonstrate high standards. Even so, there always is room to improve performance. Because your agents are human, they sometimes make mistakes. This can impact your company’s reputation and bottom line. As a result, you should pay close attention to the most common… Read More »

Are You Missing Out on Hidden Call Center Talent?

Are You Missing Out on Hidden Call Center Talent? | Salem Solutions

Finding and hiring new agents for your call center is more difficult than ever. Due to the nationwide shortage of candidates, centers must change their recruiting strategies if they are going to survive these challenging times. How do you find hidden call center talent? Let’s find out! The Hiring Challenges Call Centers Face Traditional methods… Read More »

How to Improve the Call Center Experience: The Question Your Team Should Be Asking Customers

Call centers are the heart and soul of businesses. Customers rely on agents to solve any issues they may have with the products and services your company provides. Their experience with your team has a monumental impact on customer retention and attracting new clients. In short, call centers can make or break a business. Let‘s take a look at the one… Read More »

Knowledge is the Key to Happiness: How to Make a Culture of Learning That Improves Employee Engagement

The world around us is ever–changing. To keep your company at the cutting edge of its industry requires continuous innovation and evolvement. Developing a culture of learning will improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and allow your business to move forward and grow. Knowledge is the key to happiness. This is your guide to how to create… Read More »

Call Center Basics – What Your Newest Associates Need to Know

There is no doubt that call center management is inherently a challenging job. In most cases, your agents are working with disgruntled customers. The ability to effectively manage your call center, achieve goals, and realize your vision begins with getting your new agents off on the right foot. Here is your guide to what your… Read More »

Remote Call Centers – Effective Management at a Distance

As technology continues to advance, remote call centers are becoming increasingly popular. One of the biggest draws is that they cut down on operational and IT costs. However, remote call centers are not without their challenges, with one of the main hurdles being how to implement effective management. This is your guide to managing your… Read More »

How to Conduct Your First Employee Evaluation

Employee evaluations can seem daunting, but they are extremely valuable for ensuring that you and your team are on the same page, recognize what is working well, and identify areas of needed improvement. Successful employee evaluations inspire team members and provide them with ways to continue to develop and grow. On the other hand, ineffective evaluations… Read More »

Reading Between the Lines: How to Scan Resumes to Find the Best Talent

When posting a job opening, you will likely receive hundreds of resumes. Like most hiring managers, you do not have time to read each resume word-for-word. You need a strategy to find the best candidates as quickly as possible. Follow these tips to efficiently scan resumes and find your next team member.   Clearly Define Your Expectations  Before you begin sifting… Read More »

Should I Hire an Overqualified Employee?

There tends to be a stigma around hiring an overqualified employee. Many managers avoid hiring overqualified candidates and never give their resume a second look. Concerns include:  They will want more compensation that what the job is paying. Someone with more experience will be difficult to train. They will underperform and be bored. They will not… Read More »