Learn How a Recruiting Company Can Help With High Volume Staffing Needs

As your company grows, so too will the volume of your staffing needs. An expanding company means more roles to fill, a greater number of applications to review, and increased pressure on you and the rest of your company’s leadership to find candidates who will be able to thrive within the organization. In the past, your in-house human resources department was more than able to meet your company’s staffing needs. As your company grows, however, it may be time to partner with a third-party recruiting company – such as Salem Solutions – to keep up with your staffing and hiring demands.

In this post, we’ll explore a few ways that working with a professional recruiting company can help your human resources department keep pace with the rapid rate of change happening within your company.

You’ll Save Valuable Time and Resources –

First and foremost, consider the labor and money that it takes for your company to seek out, communicate with, interview, hire and train a new employee. That entire process, if done entirely in-house, can be a considerable drain on resources. On the other hand, staffing companies have a pre-existing network of connections as well as a greater number of hours to commit to finding the candidate whose experience, background, and professional aspirations are a perfect fit for any role. Furthermore, by outsourcing your hiring needs to a recruiter, you’ll make it possible for yourself and for your team to spend less time searching for candidates and more time completing important tasks.

They’ll Help You to Fill Empty Roles Quickly –

According to recent research from the Society for Human Resource Management, the average length of time that it takes for companies to find and hire a new employee is around 36 days. Can your company afford to wait more than a month to fill an empty role? We’re guessing not, because that’s too much of a strain for any growing organization. Thankfully, recruiting companies specialize in speeding up the staffing process, so that you and your team do not have to go it alone and waste precious time, money, energy, and resources waiting for the right candidate to come along.

Recruiters Will Take Your Workplace Culture Into Account –

HR departments often feel pressure to fill empty roles quickly. This can lead to the hiring of a candidate whose background may be a great fit, but who does not mesh well with the intangible, cultural aspects of your workplace. One of the major benefits of partnering with a staffing company such as Salem Solutions is that a recruiter will work with you to define the soft skills that you’re looking for from a candidate. Those concerns can then be factored into the recruitment process to ensure the candidate you bring on board is a great fit within your company’s culture.

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