5 Ways to Show Candidates the Value of Working With You

There are certain qualities that all job candidates look for in potential employers while searching for a new position. Most obviously, candidates search for employers and positions that will be able to meet their expectations for compensation and that will be a good fit for their personal experience and professional background. Another crucial aspect of any candidate’s job search, however, is the need to find an employer with values that they can align with and authentically support. Therefore, in order to be able to attract top-talent candidates, it’s critical for employers to develop and effectively advertise a strong value proposition. 

Five Tips for Writing a HighQuality Value Proposition


1. Identify the specific qualities that make your organization a great place to work.

The first step in creating a value proposition that will appeal to candidates is to create a list of the benefits, perks, and unique qualities that contribute to making your business a desirable place to work. 


2. Justify the value of each of those benefits and qualities.

Once you’ve identified the specific characteristics that make your business a great place to work, you’ll need to additionally describe why those qualities are actually valuable. In other words, you should be able to give candidates a legitimate explanation of why they should want to pursue what you have to offer them. 


3. Understand what candidates in your industry are looking for.

Invariably, there will be a specific reason (or reasons) behind a talented candidate’s decision to leave his or her previous role and to search for a new position. Something about their previous workplace was not suiting or satisfying them. By paying attention to a multitude of candidates and their explanations of what it is that they’re looking for, you’ll be able to orient your value proposition to provide them with what they are looking for in their new role. 


4. Stand out from the crowd.

It’s also commonly the case that many different employers try to advertise the same values in an effort to attract new and quality candidates. Parroting the value propositions of other employers, however, isn’t likely to get you anywhere; in fact, it might even be counterproductive. Whenever you set out to build a new value proposition, it will always pay off to put in the due diligence beforehand of studying your competitor’s advertised values, so that you can develop a proposition that will stand out in an original manner.  


5. Measure your results and make adjustments accordingly.

Once you’ve developed and published a strong value proposition, it will be necessary to build a strategy that will allow you to track your results. This strategy will vary from business to business and should be aimed primarily at keeping track of how many new applications and hires your new proposition is able to generate. If you begin to see some progress, keep going! If your recruiting prospects plateau or decrease, on the other hand, it may be time to go back to the drawing board. 

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