How To Leverage Social Media to Attract Candidates

Social media has become an invaluable component of the modern recruiter’s toolkit. A recent study from SHRM found that 84% of employers are using social media as a means of connecting with and screening prospective job candidates. A similar trend is also on the rise for job seekers themselves: according to recent data published by Glassdoor, as many as 79% of all job seekers today are using social media as an integral part of their job search. The bottom line is this: if your organization isn’t currently leveraging social media to attract talented candidates, you’re probably missing out on some valuable opportunities to add talent to your workforce. 

That said, it isn’t immediately clear to most employers how, exactly, they should approach social media when seeking to enhance their recruitment strategy. With all of this in mind, this post will four simple ways to start leveraging social media to attract high-quality candidates to your business: 

  • Use social media to communicate your brand’s values and a mission statement(s). In order to be attracted to a particular role, it’s crucial for candidates to first be able to have a feel for a company’s workplace culture and values. Social media can be a powerful tool in this respect. By advertising your organization’s values, mission statements, and reasons-to-exist in a succinct manner on your social media platforms, you’ll be providing job seekers with a glimpse into what life within your workplace actually looks (and feels) like. 
  • Narrow down your target audience. If the content that you publish on social media is intended to have mass appeal to a general audience, you’re likely to find that your message does not deeply resonate with anyone. On the other hand, by targeting your advertising and content to a well-defined ideal candidate profile, you’ll be able to quickly get connected with those specific candidates that would be a great fit within your company. 
  • Implement a schedule and strategy for posting on social media. In order to be able to yield tangible results, it’s important that your social media activity adheres to a strategy. Social media management platforms, such as Hootsuite, are great places to start organizing your content and developing an iterable schedule. 
  • Post engaging and informative content. Social media is a great platform for advertising new job openings, but employers should not use it solely for that purpose. Leveraging social media exclusively as a means to post job openings is likely to alienate your audience and eventually to cause a certain percentage of your subscribers to lose interest. Always be sure to make the content that you post on social media diverse, dynamic, and educational. Posting articles or blog posts that are relevant to your target audience, for example, is a great way to keep prospective job candidates engaged and eager to learn more about your company. 

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