How to Improve the Call Center Experience: The Question Your Team Should Be Asking Customers

Call centers are the heart and soul of businesses. Customers rely on agents to solve any issues they may have with the products and services your company provides. Their experience with your team has a monumental impact on customer retention and attracting new clients. In short, call centers can make or break a business. Lets take a look at the one question your agents should ask, that is the difference between a happy customer and a disgruntled one. 

The Ugly Truth 

Lets face it; no one calls customer support to rave about a company. It just doesnt happen. Your call center team spends day in and day out interacting with irritated, frustrated, or even belligerently angry consumers. This is entirely understandable. After all, call centers exist to provide solutions to customer problems. However, this can be stressful for agents.  

The key is to calm the customer down as soon as possible. This translates into a better quality experience for the caller and reduces the stress on your team. Following standard call center rules such as minimal hold times, listening, having a positive attitude, and efficiently directing call flow is crucial. Still, there is one question that, once asked, will immediately put the caller at ease. 

The Question Your Agents Should Be Asking 

It is all too common for customer support agents to be on the receiving end of an angry customers wrath. Once the caller has gotten what they need to say off their chest, train your agents to ask this one simple question. 

I understand why this is frustrating for you. We are going to resolve this. Please tell me what your ideal solution is? 

Why It Works 

This question works in favor of the client and the company. In terms of the customer, it lets them know that the agent is listening and ready to help. Secondly, it puts the ball in the customers court and makes them feel like they have a say-so in the solution.  

In terms of the company, asking this question tends to calm customers’ anger much quicker, which alleviates stress on the agent. It also helps increase customer retention because callers are more likely to be completely satisfied with the resulting solution.  

As a bonus, most of the time, the caller’s solution is reasonable and inexpensive to the company, making it doable, which increases customer satisfaction. 

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