What You Need to Know About Public Trust Security Clearance! How to Help Ease the Process

What You Need to Know About Public Trust Security Clearance! How to Help Ease the Process | Salem Solutions

Often, applying for a job with the federal government requires a public trust security clearance. Many government call centers are currently hiring. If you want to land one of these top notch jobs, you should be aware of public trust security clearance requirements.  This is the lowest level of additional background screening needed to fill certain roles. This said the process is more extensive than your typical call center job. The employment application and screening process can be lengthy. Understanding what security clearance you need and preparing the information for the application can put you ahead of other applicants.


Discover why a public trust security clearance is important and some tips to fill out the application for it when applying for a government call center job.


Importance of Security Clearance

The federal government requires a security clearance for roles involving confidential information. This includes names, addresses, birth dates, and personal identification numbers. Many government call center jobs will require this kind of clearance. To protect the privacy of the data, you must provide full disclosure about everything that is asked about on the application forms. A public trust job requires honesty, you cannot be trusted to review and hold confidential information if you begin your relationship with dishonesty. This is why failure to provide accurate information on the government documents can result in a hefty fine and/or jail. Also, your new employer will let you go if you are hired for a job and they find out you provided false information on your form.


Forms to Complete

When applying to a government call center job, you may have to fill out specific forms. One document you need to fill out for a public trust security clearance is Standard Form 85 (SF85). The lengthy application requires full disclosure about confidential information for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to review. This includes the release of medical records, financial records, marriage and divorce records, child support information, employment history, and residential history. Processing your application can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. Understand that providing false information is a federal crime punishable by a fine up to $10,000, up to 5 years in prison, or both. Also, make sure you know what is in your background. By knowing what will likely come up you can be prepared for when the government looks into it.


Informing Your Employer of Your Job Search

Since public trust positions require your employment history for the past 7 years, the federal government will contact your employer. The government will ask about you, your work ethic, and your work history.  This likely will require them to get in touch with your current employer. Because your employer will learn about your job search, it is best you let them know ahead of time that you are looking for a new position.


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