Interview Guide: Five Easy Answers for Hard Questions

Interview Guide: Five Easy Answers for Hard Questions | Salem Solutions

The fact of the matter is that the most straightforward interview questions are often the most difficult to come up with answers for that set you apart from other candidates who may be just as qualified. Hiring managers are tired of hearing the same canned responses to interview questions. This is your interview guide to easy yet effective answers to the most challenging questions you will be asked in an interview.

5 Answers to Hard Interview Questions

What Questions Do You Have?

Do not let this question fool you. It is often the hardest for candidates to get right. Most interviewees do not prepare, so they blank when asked this question and end up saying, “nothing” (the worst possible response). This response shows a lack of care for the position. You should always prepare for this question ahead of time. Make sure you ask at least one or two questions that you can’t easily find the answers to on the internet. For example, ask how the organization views success.

Please Describe Yourself in One Word

There’s no doubt this is a tough one! First, avoid generic responses such as “punctual” that do not really tell employers anything about yourself. Instead, choose an adjective that relates to the position you are applying for and is meaningful to who you are as an employee. For instance, if you apply for a data entry position, a great option is “detail-oriented.”

Why Should I Hire You for This Position?

It can be hard to “brag” on yourself, but sometimes you have to. In this case, you can do so humbly. Prepare a short answer that highlights how you will be an asset to the company. Avoid mentioning other candidates or rambling on about irrelevant facts that do not pertain to the needs of the position or the organization.

What is Your Greatest Achievement?

You have a long list of accomplishments, and that is amazing! However, you probably do not need to list them all in an interview. Instead, choose the ones that are most relevant to the position you are interviewing for. After all, the chances are good that the interviewer saw your complete list of achievements on your resume.

What is Your Biggest Strength and Weakness?

This question is about digging deeper into your character and the value you can bring to the company. Then, when it comes to your biggest strength, choose one that will be an asset to the position you are vying for. The more relevant it is, the more of an impact it will have.

However, for your biggest weakness, gone are the days of choosing a weakness that is actually a strength. The best strategy is to be honest and then provide steps you are taking to become stronger in that area. Your candid answer will be appreciated and leave a better impression!

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Following these tips will help you prepare stellar answers to the most commonly asked interview questions. Salem Solutions is the nation’s leading staffing agency! We are here to help you find the perfect job to fit your career goals. Browse open positions today!

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