Not Sure Where to Start on Your Job Search? 4 Tips to Help!

Beginning a job search can be frustrating. There are many approaches you can take that lead to variable results.

Having a plan of action can increase your odds of success. The less time you spend finding a new job, the more time you have to enjoy your new opportunity.

Use these four tips to begin your call center job search today.

1.    Update Your Resume

Make sure all of the information on your resume is current. This makes it easier to customize for each job application.

  • Add your current employment dates and positions held.
  • Include your accomplishments and skills gained at your current job.

2.    Clean Up Your Online Profiles

Ensure your social media profiles present an image that you want employers to see. Most hiring managers look at online profiles to gain insight into candidates before deciding whether to contact them for interviews.

  • Take down any inappropriate photos, videos, comments, or other posts.
  • Maintain a clean image that shows your personal interests.
  • Add your skills, projects, and related information to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Ask your previous colleagues and managers to post recommendations for you.

3.    Reach Out to Your Network

Contact the members of your network who work in your industry. Let them know exactly what you are looking for in your new job.

  • Employee referrals are the best way to land jobs.
  • Your connections may know of job openings their companies are not publicly sharing.
  • A member of your network may introduce you to a hiring manager.
  • You may be able to set up informational interviews to learn more about a job and/or company.

4.    Partner with a Staffing Agency

Work with a recruiter from a staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The recruiter can help you find a job in less time than searching on your own.

  • The recruiter has a vast network of hiring managers with job openings that likely fit your qualifications and interests.
  • The recruiter’s insight into the job market provides clear guidance that can shorten your search.
  • You gain coaching to improve your resume and interview skills.
  • You can learn more about an employer, their hiring process, and the job than on your own.
  • The recruiter can match you with an employer and talk you up to improve the odds of being offered a job.
  • You should be able to finish the interview process in less time than if you applied on your own.
  • If you receive a job offer, the recruiter negotiates the best deal on your behalf.


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