Understanding Call Center Attrition, and the Best Ways to Combat It

Employee turnover – or “attrition” – is a perennial problem for employers across all industries, but it appears to have a disproportionately serious impact on the call center industry. In fact, recent research suggests that the turnover rate in call centers may be as much as 15% to 30% higher than the national average (30%-45%, as compared to a 15% average). So, call center attrition poses a serious problem to employers in that particular industry. However, that does not mean that it is an unavoidable phenomenon.

Here are some ways in which call center managers can reduce the rates of attrition in their organizations to build stronger, more long-lasting relationships with their employees.

  • Improve Employee Training Programs – Having too few employees can often make call center managers feel that it’s necessary to rush recruits through the training process to get them on the phones as quickly as possible. A frenzied training process, however, almost always produces more problems than solutions, because it can leave employees feeling unequipped to handle the unique challenges of the job. To give your call center employees the skills and tools they require, it may be necessary to build a more intentional and less hasty training regimen.
  • Provide Opportunities For Advancement – Like employees in any industry, call center employees can quickly begin to feel alienated, unimportant, or restless if they’re not provided with opportunities to grow and develop within their company. This is a very effective recipe for continued employee turnover. To build fruitful relationships that last, it’s important for call center managers to make it possible for their employees to climb the ladder of success within their organization.
  • Beware of Employee Burnout – Similarly, employee attrition can be perpetuated if a workforce feels consistently overworked or overwhelmed by their responsibilities. The demands placed upon the typical call center employee, in particular – which includes having to spend long hours on the phone and handling the occasional disgruntled customer on the other end of the line – can quickly compound, leaving employees feeling stressed and inclined to switch professions. Managers can ameliorate employee burnout in their businesses by paying close attention to their employees’ behavior and taking the time to speak with them individually. Did your employees feel listened to and cared for by their leadership, or are conditions in your workplace allowing stress, resentment, and burnout to simmer beneath the surface?

Are You Ready to Combat Call Center Attrition and Grow?

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