Should I Hire an Overqualified Employee?

There tends to be a stigma around hiring an overqualified employee. Many managers avoid hiring overqualified candidates and never give their resume a second look. Concerns include: 

  • They will want more compensation that what the job is paying.
  • Someone with more experience will be difficult to train.
  • They will underperform and be bored.
  • They will not stay at the company long enough to be worthwhile.

With jobs in high demand, you will likely receive overqualified applicants for your company’s job openings. Do not be so quick to jump on the bandwagon of overlooking overqualified candidates. Here are the reasons that this type of employee may be beneficial to your company.  

Help Your Company Scale and Grow 

An overqualified candidate can help your company become even more productive and efficient. This new employee may also bring a skillset to the table that allows your business to expand and pursue opportunities that were not possible before.  

Serve as a Mentor 

An employee who brings a higher level of experience to the table can serve as a mentor to new employees and/or junior employees. This will take some of the burdens of training off the shoulders of supervisors.  

Provide a Source of Motivation 

Bringing in an overqualified employee can serve as a means of motivation for your current team. It can also serve as a source of healthy competition in the workplace and push your current team to meet and exceed expectations, which makes the company more productive.  

Achieve a Quicker Return on Investment 

Hiring a candidate that is overly qualified can allow your company to achieve a faster return on investment. This is due to reduced upfront training costs and a higher climb to maximum productivity. It can pay off to hire someone who already has their feet on the ground.  

Your Next Great Hire is Waiting 

The bottom line is that you should not immediately dismiss an overqualified candidate. In fact, this type of candidate may be just what your company needs and provides a variety of benefits.  

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