Looking for Gen Z-ers? Perks to Offer When Recruiting

Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2012. They now make up more of the workforce than millennials do.

Like other generations, Gen Z is looking for different things in a job and employer. One of the most important aspects is perks.

Offering the perks Gen Z values most attracts them to your call center. The more attractive perks you offer, the more likely Gen Z will remain long-term with your organization.

Offer the following perks to attract and retain Gen Z to your call center.

Skill Development

Gen Z grew up with the internet. They’re used to a world of possibilities with unlimited access to information online.

When hiring Gen Z candidates for your call center, focus on how their skills align with the job requirements and organizational culture. When these new hires are onboarded, create learning and career development plans for each.

Keep your Gen Z employees busy while allowing autonomy. Let them choose how they move forward in their learning and development.

Allow your Gen Z team members to conduct workshops to train on their knowledge and skills. This lets them be challenged while expressing themselves.

Work-Life Balance

Gen Z prioritizes self-care and well-being. As a result, work-life balance is a top priority.

Learning or working remotely during the pandemic has Gen Z at high risk of burnout. Being under constant stress without the ability to see their friends has caused disengagement.

The lack of in-office teammate interactions, supervision, and acknowledgment lowered Gen Z’s motivation and productivity. As a result, Gen Z have been finding jobs with companies that encourage work-life balance.

When recruiting Gen Z for your call center, offer stress management programs and health cash plans. Also, provide a hybrid setup with a flexible schedule that emphasizes productivity and efficiency. Additionally, regularly review your employees’ workloads to ensure they aren’t too heavy. Plus, set up a time for your team to volunteer for a local charity.

Instant Gratification

Gen Z wants ongoing recognition of their contributions and results. They need their accomplishments regularly noticed and appreciated.

With Gen Z spending a large amount of time on social media, they’re used to instant rewards for their actions. The feedback generated from their profiles activates their dopamine receptors, providing a feeling of instant gratification. The desire for a similar experience extends into reality.

When hiring Gen Z candidates, talk about how you use a corporate gamification platform to keep your call center competitive. Also, mention your appreciation wall where employees leave notes of gratitude each day. Additionally, discuss the rewards your employees receive for reaching their targets. Plus, share details about the weekly/monthly company-paid lunch/dessert.

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